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Thesis prizes

Prizes awarded to the best M.Sc. and B.Sc. theses written on the topics of the Gesellschaft at the Freiburg Insitute for Economics in the last calender year.


Detailed guidelines of the award procedure can be found here.


Please visit: Förderpreise






  • Best M.Sc. thesis 2022: Y. Zhang, "Ownership and Investment in the Streaming Industry"

  • Best B.Sc. thesis 2022: R. Dietl, "The Natural Oligopoly of Bitcoin — A risk for the cryptocurrency?"


  • Best M.Sc. thesis 2021: L. Yin, "Competition and Performance of China’s State-owned and Privately-owned Enterprises: A Case Study of the Airline Industry Pre- and Post-COVID19 Pandemic"

  • Best B.Sc. thesis 2021: J. Birkelbach, "Marktkonzentration in Europa und USA im Vergleich – Kontrollabgabe oder Kontrollkompetenz?"